The Sails / 2021, 2022

Performative installation in public space and (urban) landscape, video, exhibition

In the temporary participatory performative installation, the power of wind unfolds the plastic form; white pieces of cloth with messages related to social and ecological change, bounded to the bodies of participants. Participants interact with the wind which enables the messages to become readable.

6. 10. – 26. 11. 2022 / Vrbovec / In collaboration with High School Vrbovec and Artoratorij Association:

Link to the video

Participants: Petar Badenić, 3.b, Lana Benedik, 2.a, Lana Brnardić, 3.e, Maja Grubišić, 1.a, Hana Jurić, 1.a, Laura Kalinski, 3.b, Korina Kamenarić, 3.b, Lana Sudinec, 2.a, Lana Šaško, 3.g, Natalija Šušnja, 1.b, Katja Tomica, 3.b, Lana Vrščak, 2.a

Video: Zvonimir Ćurić, Fotkalo / Fotos: Zvonimir Ćurić, Fotkalo and Tonka Maleković / Supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, Zagreb County, and the City of Vrbovec

15. – 29. 8. 2021 / Hofgeismar und Liebenau, Naturpark Reinhardswald, Germany / Windkunstfestival “bewegter wind” zum Thema “change”: