Body in Space / 2019

Between There and There / The Third Place of Belonging
Curator: IPAK
Out of Site Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, 2019


In 2015, I moved to Germany, to realize a project about work migrations / Spaces Between (Living) Places, and I started a new life in a role of a migrant worker.
In the video named “Body in Space”, I reconstructed my personal experience of this one year migration period. By using Google maps and other open-source tools, I compressed it dynamically into a 13-minutes story. The narration, inspired by my own and other people’s experiences, voice-overs a video in 3 languages (Croatian, German, English). The video reveals the patterns of movements and inspects deeper into reasons, expectations, hopes and visions that drive the shifts of people within geographical and socio-economical coordinates.




Exhibition: Between There and There – TheThird Place of Belonging, Out of Sight Gallery, 2019