Curriculum Vitae / LONG

20/04/1982 born in Zagreb, Croatia
lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia and Cologne, Germany

2020 M.Sc. Transforming City Regions, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
2000 – 2006 Master of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, / Department of Printmaking / Mentorship; Prof. Ante Kuduz
2005 CEEPUS Scholarship-semester, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia / Mentorship: Prof. Jože Barši and Prof. Srečo Dragan, focus on art in public space and new media

/ further professional development, residencies and grants:
2019/2020 Kunstmentorat NRW, mentor: Oliver Gather, LaB K, Germany
2019 DAL – Danube Art Lab Artist-in-residence, donumenta, Regensburg, Germany
2019 Summer Art Camp of Lazarea, Romania
2015 Intensive course of German Language, granted by Goethe-Institute Kroatien, Bonn, Germany
2012 ToBeTold, Grundtvig 10-days workshop residency, curated by Pietro Gagliano, Fabbrica Europa Foundation for Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy
2011 DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence; On Art, Cities and Regeneration, Lecce, Italy
2011 Artist-in-residence at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, France
2011 (January-May) working at Thomas Hirschhorn’s studio on installations such as Crystal of Resistance –project for the Swiss National Pavilion at 54th Venice biennale, Paris, France
2010 Flow – festival of conversation in culture and science, Chisinau, Moldova and Cluj, Romania
2010 KulturKontakt Austria Artist-in-residence Vienna, Austria
2009 CHIOSC, short-term Artist-in-residence, Chisinau, Moldova
2009 Temporary City Artist-in-residence, Kozelitees Art Association, Pecs, Hungary
2008 Artist-in-residence, P.A.C.T. Zollverein, Essen, Germany
2005 CEEPUS Schoolarship, UNI, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014 Finalist of T-HT@MSU Award
2012 3rd prize at the competition Gredelj, 1postozaumjetnost project
2010 HDLU award to the best young artist
2010 Finalists of Radoslav Putar Award, YVAA Zagreb
2009 The 43rd Zagreb Salon Award, Zagreb
2007 Essl Award, 1. prize,  Essl Museum and BauMax
2003 Aknowledgment of ALU

MEMBERSHIP in the professional organizations:
2007 HDLU / Association of Croatian Visual Artists
2008-2019 HZSU / Association of Independent Croatian Artists
2009 Loose Associations / contemporary art practices
2014 PUNKT / platform for culture empowerment

2023 (upcoming) Compositions of Flow, donumenta Regensburg, Germany
2023 (upcoming) (T)Räume in Trümmern, (curators: Emmanuel Mir, Anne Fiedler, Judith Schmidt), Pförtnerloge, Fabrik Heeder, Krefeld, Germany
2022 Jedra, Artoratorij, Vrbovec, Croatia
2020 Family Tree or the Absent Houses, Virtual Museum Dotrščina, Dotrščina Memorial Park, Zagreb, Croatia
2015/2016 Spaces Between (Living) Places, one year research project, based on living experience/work migration to Stuttgart, Germany
/ project SBLP is part of the international ACTOPOLIS project (curator: Angelica Fitz, Katja Assmann and Martin Fritz), conception Invisible Belonging, curated by Ana Dana Beroš, Goethe-Institut Kroatien and Urbane Künste Ruhr, Germany
2014/2015 PUKQTINE (CRACKS), memorial site-specific intervention in public and virtual space, commissioned by SNV Croatia, Sisak, Croatia
2014 URBAN MEADOWS_games and images, participatory happening, within a project New Neighborhoods, ArsPublicae/1postozagrad
2014 8 Fragments of Urban Wilderness, collaboration with ethnologist and urban anthropologist Valentina Gulin Zrnic, edition of a Wall Display project by Shadow Casters, Zagreb, Croatia
2013 Garden Circles, 3-sequel temporary social monument in public space, exhibition, Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Zagreb, Croatia
2012-2015 LiberSPACE-hallway gallery, space to provoke a transient form, curated series of exhibitions in an outdoor, half-public space
2011 UpBuilding, participatory photo-session on a rooftop of a skyscraper, in collaboration with fotographer Boris Cvjetanovic, Prozori Gallery, Zagreb
2011 Leaking Palms, group (video) performance, Paris, France
2009 Possibility of the City, 8-days actions in public-space, curators: Nataša Bodrožić and Vladimir Us, Chisinau, Moldova
2008 Kampolis (with L. Rica), curator: Jasna Jakšić, abandoned military base, Punta Arta,  island of Zlarin, Croatia
2007-2009 Urban plastics – species (dis)appearing, curator: Ivana Meštrov, NS Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia
2007 Under construction, curator: Jakšić/ Meštrov/Lasić, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
2007 Sidetracking, P.A.C.T. Zollverein AIR, Essen, Germany
2006 The Forest – installation disintegrating, Grad Mladih, Zagreb
2005 Transsampling – street interventions, Ljubljana, Slovenia
/ radio production
2016 Meeting Points, Slika od zvuka, Croatian Radio 3, edited by Evelina Turković

2022 Traziti zastitu je ljudsko pravo, exhibition in public space, Festival of Tolerance, UNHCR, Croatia
2021 10th International wind art festival(Windkunstfestival) bewegter wind, topic: Change, exhibition in landscape, nature park Reinhardswald, Hofgeismar / Liebenau, Germany
2020 TRAP, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany
2019 final exhibition of Summer Art Camp of Lazarea, Cika Hall, Lazarea, Romania
2019 Between There and There: the Third Place of Belonging, curated by IPAK, Out of Site Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2017 ACTOPOLIS-The Art of Action, final exhibition of a three-year international project in organisation of Goethe-Institut and Urbane Künste Ruhr, Zagreb curator: Ana Dana Beroš, SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2017 D(r)ugo sjećanje, Croatian Designers Association, HDD Gallery, Zagreb and Center for Cultural Decontamination/CZKD, Belgrade, Serbia
2016 Salon of young artists / Budget – conception by Martina Miholic and Mia Orsag, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia
2016 City at the Second Glance, Striegl Gallery, Sisak, Croatia
2015 Annual exhibition of HDLU members (invited artist)
2014 Dissolving Frontiers, curated by Jenni Nurmenniemi and Jussi Koitela, Gallery Augusta, HIAP, Helsinki, Finland
2014 T-HT@MSU Award, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
2013 Instants/video, 50 years of video art, selection by Ivana Meštrov and Toni Meštrović, Marseille, France
2013 VIII Shiryaevo biennale, Screen: Between Europa and Asia, curated by Martin Schibli, Samara, Russia
2013 Chiosc/Kiosk exhibition, project curated by Vladimir Us, HIT Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2013 48th Zagreb Salon of Visual Art, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia
2013 DAAK 2013, Museum of Koprivnica, Croatia
2012 Kuduz’s class, SC gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2011 Snapshot-the city, curated by Marina Viculin, Klovic’s Court Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2011 Chiosc, curated by: Vladimir Us and Leslaw Tetla, Rondo Sztuki Galeria, Katowice, Poland
2011 37. Split Salon, Split, Croatia
2010 Finale of Radoslav Putar Award, Galzenica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
2010 Recycle the Future!, Galzenica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
2009 CHIOSC, VN Gallery, curators: Nataša Bodrožić, Vladimir Us, Zagreb, Croatia
2009 AKTO, festival of contemporary art, curator: Nataša Bodrožić, Bitola, North Macedonia
2009 Temporary City, Kozelitees Art Association, Pécs, Hungary
2009 43rd Zagreb Salon of Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb, Croatia
2008 New Fragments MMSU Rijeka, HDLU Zagreb, Croatia
2008 Nemam karticu za bodove, curator: WHW collective, Nova Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2007 Essl Award 2007, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Vienna, Austria
2007 The Exhibition You Deserve, curator: Komplot, Bruxelles, Vladimir Filakovac Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2007 Atelier, Die Platform fur neue Kunst und Coreographie, P.A.C.T. Zollverein, Essen, Germany
2003 VIII. Triennal of Croatian sculpture, Glypthoteque HAZU, Zagreb, Croatia

2017 Form(at)s of memory, thematic microspective exhibition, Prozori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2016 Spaces Between (Living) Places  (SBLP), SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
/ project SBLP is part of the international ACTOPOLIS project (curator: Angelica Fitz, Katja Assmann and Martin Fritz), conception Invisible Belonging, curated by Ana Dana Beroš, Goethe-Institut Kroatien and Urbane Künste Ruhr, Germany
2015 Futurobotany, Forum Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2014 La Ville en Reflexion (with Tanja Vujasinović), Nouvel Organon Gallery, Paris, France
2013 Garden Circles, Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Zagreb, Croatia
2013  BIOT(R)OP 1234765 (collaboration with writer Luka Bekavac), Modulor Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2013 Every House is an Island (with Nadia Mustapić), curated by Ivana Meštrov, Grey) (area Gallery, Korčula, Croatia
2012 URBAN MEADOWS – games and images, City Museum of Virovitica, Croatia
2011 Donau(t)raum (with Elvis Krstulović and Judith Saupper), curated by Lucas Cuturi and Maja Rožman, Municipal Museum Oranžerija Gallery, Vukovar and HDLU Croatian association of artists/Bačva Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2011 Analogue (city), Ve.Sch/Dienstag Abend, Vienna, Austria
2010 The Place of an Artist, HDLU, PM Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2010 exhibition with Velimir Žernovski and Dalibor Nikolić, ArtPoint Gallery Vienna, Austria
2007 Umjetnost (u)lice, with The London Police street art collective, VN Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2007 Rooms, streets, (with Lina Rica), Križić  Roban Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2006 URBAN COMPOSTERIES – poetic manifesto, VN Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2018 City at a Second Glance-Vrbovec, traveling interdisciplinary educational and exhibition project (PUNKT Association in collaboration with local partners – schools, Mala Galerija POU, City Library, Avis Rara Studio and VUM), Vrbovec, Croatia
2016 City at a Second Glance-Sisak, traveling interdisciplinary educational and exhibition project (PUNKT Association in collaboration with local partners – schools, Striegl Gallery, City Museum Sisak, Cultural Center KKV, Children´s home Vrbina, Festival Željezara), Sisak, Croatia
2015 City at a Second Glance-Rijeka, traveling interdisciplinary educational and exhibition project (PUNKT Association in collaboration with local partners – schools, MMSU Rijeka, APU-RI, MF Sisak, MK-Gallery, Festival Željezara), Rijeka, Sisak, Croatia
2013 City at a Second Glance-Velika Gorica, curators: Loose Associations (Ivana Meštrov Tonka Maleković) and Tanja Vujasinović, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
2012-2015 Hallway-gallery LiberSPACE, space to provoke a transient form, in collaboration with dance studio Liberdance, Zagreb, Croatia
2010 Black and White of Fedor Kritovac (with Ivana Meštrov),  Modulor Gallery, Zagreb
2006, 2007 MM program (exhibitions, performances, projections, music events) within an international student theatre festival Test! (together with Martina Miholić), Student center, Zagreb, Croatia
2007, 2008 Initiating and organizing (in a team) various programs for youth (workshops, exhibitions, presentations …)  at AKC Garaže and VUM fest, Vrbovec, Croatia

2018 In/Visible Playgrounds, 5-day workshop on art, memory and relational games in public space, in Zagreb and Bolzano, Museion and Vintola 18, Bolzano, Italy, in collaboration with MSU Zagreb, Croatia                                                            
2013-2018 -new media and -art in public space workshops with pupils and students within the “City at the Second Glance”-travelling educational and exhibition project of PUNKT Association, workshops within Velika Gorica, Rijeka, Sisak and Vrbovec project sequences
2015 Co-menthoring of collaborative student´s works within the university course “Interactive art in public realm”, MAP-Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka in collaboration with “City at the Second Glance” and the Faculty of Metalurgy, Sisak
2013-2015 Collaboration on interdisciplinary children workshops at Multimedialna koliba artistic organisation
2011 Artistic mentoring of a final student project “True Vienna”, HLMW9 Michelbeuern, Vienna Austria
2008 Art history and aesthetics professor at Gymnasium Dugo Selo, Croatia
2007 Art teacher at the primary school Fran Galović, Zagreb, Croatia
2006-2018 Different creative children workshops; Robodonien Festival, Cologne, Germany; POU Vrbovec; Strossmartre-HDLU, Zagreb; NS Dubrava, Zagreb; POU Dugo Selo, Croatia etc.

2020 To move through spaces, presentation of artistic work within the seminar Experimental Detours in everyday Spaces at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf (HSD)
2019 Artist Talk, DAL AiR, donumenta, Pop-up space Degginger, Regensburg, Germany
2015 New tendencies in memorialization of children war victims,  presentation of memorial artwork PUKQTINE, Kristalna kocka vedrine, Sisak, Croatia
2014 public presentation of a collaborative project “8 Fragments of Urban Wilderness” ( with Valentina Gulin Zrnić), part of a Wall Displays by Shadow Casters, gallery Greta, Zagreb, Croatia
2014 presentation of  City at the Second Glance project at the expert meeting for teachers and professors of visual culture, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Rijeka, Croatia
2010 presentation of artistic work at HLMW9 Michelbeuern, Vienna, Austria
2009 artist’s presentation at the Academy of Fine Arts, Pecs, Hungary
2009 artist’s presentation at ArtHotel, Chisinau, Moldova
2008 presentation of the project “Urban Plastics – species (dis)appearing, Periskop, KC Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia

Air! –  one digital print, owner: Academia Cravatica
Forest – Installation (Dis)integrating – two digital prints, owner: Erste & Steiermarkische banke
Spaces Between (Living) Places – one digital print, owner: Deutsche Telekom
Analogue (city), 11 photographs – private collection of Lukas Gehberger (A)
A Traveller´s Land – video, Collection of Cultural and Art Centre of Lazarea (RO)

WORKSHOPS (selected)
2013 Od Trga revolucije do Trga žrtava tranzicije, guidance:  Dafne Berc and Aleksandar Bede, UrbanFestival, BLOK, Zagreb, Croatia
2012 To Be Told, Grundtvig residence,  curated by Pietro Gagliano, Firenze, Italy
2011 The Wall (archives), by Pietro Gagliano, Default Masterclass in Residence, Archiviazioni, Lecce, Italy
2007 Site-specific dance workshop under guidance of choreographer Julie Despraires, Visura Aperta, Momiano
2007 Alternative tours, under guidance of artist Daniel Jewesbury, Centrifugal, Protokol SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2006 (Inter)Aktiv, contemporary art workshops, under guidance of artist Mladen Stilinovic, Zagreb, Croatia
2005 Theory in Practice 3, international workshop, Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia
2003, 2002, 2001 Otokultivator, Vis, Croatia

Život umjetnosti, magazine for contemporary visual arts and theory, thematic issue: TRANS/MIGRANCY, The Psychogeographies of the Treshold, editor: Ana Dana Beroš (work presented: visual essay Spaces Between (Living) Places) / Institute of Art History, Zagreb
2017 Spaces Between (Living) Places, project publication / Goethe Institut and Urbane Künste Ruhr
2016 Vrtovi našega grada, editors: Tihana Rubić and Valentina Gulin Zrnić (work presented: Garden Circles) / The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb
2016 Osvojena područja, volume 4, author: Boris Greiner (work presented: Spaces Between (Living) Places) / Petikat
2012 Mapping Culture, Aspekte der Kulturvermittlung in Südosteuropa (work presented: UpBuilding, 2011) / KulturKontakt Austria
2009 43rd Zagreb Salon/Applied Arts and Design (work presented: Urban Plastics-species (dis)appearing) / ULUPUH
2007 Essl Award CEE 2007 (works presented: Polyptych, Quarantine, The Forest-installation disintegrating, Urban Composteries-poetic manifesto) / Essl Museum & Baumax

Textst about works and interviews pubished in magazines (selection): Zarez/biweekly magazine of cultural and social issues; Kontura art magazine; Novi list; Stare de Urgenta/supplement Oberliht; Kulturkontak magazine/summer 2011; Novosti; Elle; Feral; Jutarnji list; Vjesnik etc. and different internet portals such as Vizkultura; Kulturpunkt; H-Alter; Articok; etc.