LiberSPACE / hallway-gallery

Space to provoke a transient form /2012-2015
Collaboration with a Dance studio Liberdance

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In 2012, I was invited by the Dance studio Liberdance to propose a project which would revitalise the small courtyard of the dance studio. Instead of offering a one-time exhibition, installation or happening, I proposed to organise and curate a long-term program which would change and reflect the site-specific context, continuously, at certain intervals. Hallway-Gallery LiberSPACE invited artists to site-specific (re)action, reflection of the space legislation, economy and ecology of an art work (to realize as minimal, as ecological and as ephemeral as possible), and to the position of artists (and production trends) within the contemporary bureaucratic apparatus for the production of art and culture. The indistinguishable and somewhat neglected courtyard of the dance studio gained thus recognisable identity and attracted and involved in activities the inhabitants of the block and neighbourhood, coincidental passers-by, tourists, visitors of the dance courses, the artistic scene and other groups of people.

In period from 2012 to 2015 LiberSPACE presented the following artists: Marijan Crtalić, HR; Aleksandar Bede, RS; Tatiana Villani, I;  Lucie Mičíková, CH; Goran Ristić, BiH; Petar Popijač, HR; Alex Edwards, UK; Aleksandar Hut Kono, HR; Martina Miholić, HR/UK; Ana Horvat, HR; Tanja Vujasinović, HR; Nina Frgić, A/HR; Katerina Duda and Roko Crnić, HR; Dora Đurkesac, HR/D; and Lina Rica and Boštjan Čadež, SI.


Katerina Duda and Roko Crnić, “Prepričavanja”, 2014
Katerina Duda and Roko Crnić, “Prepričavanja”, 2014
Nina Frgić Omerzo, “Kućni red i hitne intervencije”, 2014
Nina Frgić Omerzo, “Kućni red i hitne intervencije”, 2014
Lina Rica and Boštjan Čadež, “Tekstomlat”, 2014
Ana Horvat, “Što ima za večeru?”, 2013
Ana Horvat, “Što ima za večeru?”, 2013
Alex Edwards, performative intervention, 2012
_DSF3231 copy
Marijan Crtalić, performative intervention, 2012
Martina Miholić, Chicks2Fishes, 2013
Martina Miholić, Chicks2Fishes, 2013
Tatiana Villani, “Metaproject”, 2012




Haustor-galerija LiberSPACE