URBAN MEADOWS games and images/2011→

Workshops, urban walks, gallery installations (photographs, videos, video documentations, audio, maps), video performance, theatrical performance

“URBAN MEADOWS games and images” encompases different sequences of research and activities related to the topic of „urban wilderness“ (neglected, undefined or unkempt spatial urban „pockets“) and its influence on the imagination of children through different kinds of playful outdoor activities. It furthermore deals with transformations in urban landscape, changing politics of space, its impact and consequences. Through participatory activities personal memory is triggerd and used as a generator of new emotional conditions which open up „other“ perspectives on space and one’s relationship to it.

URBAN MEADOWS games and images
City Museum of Virovitica, 2012
Workshop, exhibition

URBAN MEADOWS games and images, family album, 1988
Public workshop, video

URBAN MEADOWS games and images / Vrbani III
Public workshop within “New Neighborhoods” programe
Vrbani III, Zagreb, 2014

Photo credits: Katarina Zlatec

Return to a Green Meadow
Theatrical performance
“ToBeTold” short-term Grundtvig residency
curated by: Pietro Gagliano
Associazione Fabbrica Europa
Florence, 2012

Neka cijeli ovaj svijet
Site-specific video performance

2007.Nikole Tesle, zgrada u izgradnji (iz video performansa Neka cijeli ovaj svijet)

URBAN MEADOWS games and images
Thematic urban walk within the project “City at the second Glance”
Vrbovec, 2018


Photo credits: Danko Malekovic